Yield Machine Metal HPS Hydroponic Grow Box


Yield Machine Metal HPS Hydroponic Grow Box

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The yield machine is our new answer to higher yielding, larger growing systems at a better price. All metal factory made cabinets house higher yielding, high intensity lighting mini gardens. This is the 150 watt high pressure sodium lighting, with heat controlled, self ballasted lighting. Allowing 16,000 lumens in a controlled high light saving indoor grow box. Lined with higher quality, reflectic insulation shields heat, and saves all light. Will Grow nice, heavy-weight plants in a compact space automatically. System includes high output intake and exhaust fans, carbon packed filtration for odor control at no extra add on costs. Fully Light sealed, self cooled, lock with keys included cabinet. Includes 12 plant site Easy-grow dwc hydroponic systems. With pump , high output bubblers to each basin seperately. Growing cubes and net pots included, simply plant seeds in cubes provided. Grow and flower plant nutrient is also included 6 months worth or two grows atleast. 2 outlet timer included to automate your grow , also another power source inside box for future add-ons or whatever you may want to hook up, you will not have to modify your grow box to do so. You will be able to grow dense, stocky plants with this hps system how it stands. No shipping add ons at checkout like most competitors, this price includes heavy duty shipping to USA. Most places will hit you with addiontal two to three hundred at checkout forhydroponic grow boxes of this size, we do not.

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