12 Plant Hydroponics System Cloning Box

12 Plant Hydroponics System Cloning Box

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Our newest plant hydroponic grow box. It's a 12 plant double hydroponic system plant growing or 12 site cloning machine. Comes with everything you need to grow, or clone your favorite plants. A true "doublewide" version of the Lowryder Deluxe. A real nice unit, grow 12 autoflowers or clone, full lifetime warranty. Grow and Flower Bulbs included (4 each)Grow and Flower Nutrients.Double Carbon Filters, two exhaust and one intake fan.2- 6 plant hydro systems fully equipped with pots and grow\clone cubes. Ultimate light saving reflectix interior insulation.Low energy consumption for maxium yield per watt.Lockable snap shut doors for light sealing. 24" tall, 32" wide. Grow cabinet is perfect for small auto-flowering plants and cloning, cloning can be done by applying root gel to a root and inserting into our grow cubes which are included. This unit can succesfully clone 12 plants every few weeks, you can have the perfect herb and vegetable box with this doublewide hydroponic system.

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